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Each student at The Academy of Snohomish will receive their own flexible education plan collaboratively designed by their parents, the student, and one of our advisors. Students will have the freedom to craft an education plan that will complement their natural interests and abilities. Our abbreviated school day provides students with time to pursue an offsite elective with other students from The Academy, take on online computer programming or web design class, attend a student workshop, or get additional help from one of our tutors. The options are limitless...

School hours are Monday - Thursday from

8:30 AM -12:00 PM.


Reignite the passion of learning with the newest learning management system from Alpha Omega Publications. Built exclusively for Christian schools, this comprehensive curriculum for students in grades 3-12 includes lessons in five core subject areas: Bible, language arts, math, science, and history and geography, with a diverse list of electives also available. Ignitia courses are not only rigorous and interactive but provide instruction based on a Christian worldview, encouraging students to consider challenging questions from a biblical perspective. Courses include text-based lessons, assignments, quizzes, and tests that engage students while they learn. Optional external web links, interactive learning games, audio and video clips, and off-computer assignments help students develop the skills necessary for academic success in a media-rich environment.

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