Learning Is Life Long

Learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the classroom. So, why restrict yourself to traditional settings? At Lake Stevens Virtual Academy, one of our primary goals is to provide students with educational opportunities and curriculum that meets each student's individual interests and needs. By combining the power of contemporary technology with real teacher support, we provide our students a unique opportunity to pursue the finest educational experience possible. Our passion is to ignite a fire for learning and to help students discover what their natural gifts and interests are and provide real hands-on learning experiences where students can explore those interests on a deeper level. We are committed to providing learning opportunities from experts who want to share their skills with our students.

Students have the option of taking an online elective that is offered by Ignitia, our preferred curriculum provider, participating in an instructor lead workshop or a combination of the two. (additional fees may apply)
Each student's experience is customizable according to their needs and interests. LSVA will work with a variety of curriculum providers, programs, online providers, local schools and private sector professionals to help you create the best educational experience for your child. Click the button below to learn more.


Learning from home is an option that may be a better fit for your student. You can have the convenience of in-home learning but still enjoy having our trained staff handle the grading for your student. Ignitia can go anywhere you are going and we will be able to provide support whether your student is local or not. Local students have the opportunity to participate in LSVA activities. (Additional fees may apply.) Contact us for more information and to request a registration packet.


The Ignitia Online Curriculum is a Christian based multimedia curriculum provider for grades 3-12. Students have the freedom to access their coursework at school, home or away on vacation. Course offerings include core subjects and a wide variety of elective offerings. The rigorous and interactive instruction provides students with many opportunities to process learning from a Christian worldview.