Primary Grades K-2

Differing from the web-based program in our 3-12 academy, this classroom is more traditional in design and function. Classroom facilitator and parents partner together to support student learning while preparing children to become independent learners when they enter our secondary program. School hours are Monday-Thursday from 8:30-12:00.


    The Academy of Snohomish K2 program is a Christ-centered school emphasizing character development and stewardship through a Bible-based individualized instruction program. We begin our work each day with prayer and devotions. We are a one room K-2nd grade program providing excellent academics and nurturing good study habits and self-motivation. Our program is complimented by special opportunities for hands-on learning from scientists, artists, and PE instructors.

    We look forward to partnering with you to give your child a well-rounded education of the highest quality. Together we will inspire your children to embrace learning and to achieve their highest potential.

      Daily Schedule
      8:30-8:45Arrival and Morning Work
      8:45-9:00Calendar, Pledge, Prayer
      9:00-9:50Group Lessons (Bible, History, Literature)
      9:50-10:40Small Group Lessons (Math, Reading)
      10:40-11:00Break and Snack