Planning for High School Is Important

TAS will help walk through the college planning process with you. TAS will help you plan and equip you with the resources you need to handle the documentation needs to get into college.

Graduates from TAS will receive a diploma from our affiliate, Valley View Christian School. You the parent have the option to create a diploma for your student. The link below will walk you through the steps in that process. If you have chosen to enroll in an accredited online program, then your institution will likely issue a diploma upon meeting and completion of requirements.

When you enroll in TAS High School Program, you will meet with a high school planning advisor at TAS and our Everett affiliate, Valley View Christian School. They will talk with you about your educational goals and help you plan out which course of instruction will best help you reach your future goals.

The link below will take you to our RESOURCE PAGE for college bound students.