College Planning

College Bound? No problem

TAS will help walk through the college planning process
with you. TAS will help you plan and equip you with the
resources you need to handle the documentation needs to
reach your college goals.
At TAS, your student has a variety of diploma options.

  • As a graduate of TAS, your student may receive a diploma from our affiliate, Valley View Christian School.
  • You the parent have the option to create a diploma for your student.
  • Through participation of the Running Start Program, you student can earn a diploma from both the Academy of Snohomish and Everett Community College.
  • With the help of the HomeLink Program, your student can earn a diploma from Academy of Snohomish.
  • If your student has chosen to enroll in an accredited online program, then your institution will likely issue a diploma upon meeting and completion of requirements.

Click the link below to visit our RESOURCE page for more information on College Planning