The Academy of Snohomish
3-12 Christian Education

Each student at the Academy of Snohomish will have their own flexible education plan designed by you the parent, your student, and one of our advisors. Your student will have the freedom to craft an education plan that will include coursework that compliments their natural interests and abilities. Following the Academy of Snohomish's morning devotions, their school day will likely begin by logging onto their Ignitia workspace The rest of the day will flex according to their class requirements, elective choice, and what they have set out for their personal weekly goals. Afternoons are the time when you and your student can reconvene to pursue an offsite elective with other the Academy of Snohomish students, take on online computer programming or webdesign class, attend a student workshop, or get additional help from one of our tutors. The options are limitless...

Our Mathematics teachers are in class each day to provide math support to our students and to challenge them to think about real-life application for what they are learning.

Classroom Hours are :Monday-Thursday 8:30-12:00

Special Events

There is no need to worry that your students will miss out on special celebrations and events that other schools have. Your kids are going to accomplish great things and reach many milestone accomplishments along the way. We want to recognize and celebrate those too!

One of the concerns that parents who have chosen to educate their own children is that their children may not get the opportunities for social interaction or that they miss out on special celebrations that other schools have.That is not the case at the Academy of Sonomish! We know that friends and social activities are so important for kids of any age. Our students have many opportunities for connecting with larger organizations of Christian believers for Bible study, youth activities, corporate worship, and FUN! One of the first events that the Academy of Sonomish students participate in is our all school Fall Retreat. The theme for 2014 was IGINITE. The entire student body and staff headed to Ellensburg, for a camping adventure. The students had some time to relax, participate in team building activities, spend some time in God's Word and have a lot of fun! Check out the photo gallery for some photos of the weekend. The theme for FALL 2015 was DO HARD THINGS. This year the elementary, Jr. Hi and High School students went to Warm Beach for a great weekend where they were indeed challenged to break out of their comfort zones! They faced several physical challenges and were also stretched to consider other things that would challenge them to push themselves to set some personal goals this year that would set them on a path to DO HARD THINGS for God! 2015 photos are coming soon!
One of the goals we have at the Academy of Snohomish is to equip students to be leaders who are grounded in the tradition and beliefs of our Founding Fathers coupled with a sound Biblical Worldview. We want to help students learn how to become leaders in the community who speak with confidence, intelligence and humility as they strive to impact our community, our county and our world. We believe that young people are capable of doing great things for God and we encourage our students to discover and pursue their God-given gifts and talents to serve and honor God. Our morning devotions, school retreat and weekly chapels are all part of our effort to purposefully mentor these young leaders. 1 Timothy 4:12 provides the Biblical basis for our students as they set their minds on this mission. ​ Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
Our Student Showcase is our formal end of the year celebration with our students and their families. Students have the opportunity to present what they have been doing with the extra hours in their school day. It is an exciting time for everyone to see each students special interest, passion and talent! The night also includes special performances by students as well as recognition of their academic achievements and awards they have earned in other activities.