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What Our Parents Are Saying

We were looking for a school where our children could learn according to their skills and feel successful at it. We have found it in TAS. In addition, we have found that TAS lets us focus on and spend more time in areas of difficulty so our children can really understand and master the material. The best part though is that we are surrounded by joyful believers at TAS.
L. Hansen
Our three children, grades 4th, 6th and 8th, are attending TAS this year and absolutely love it and feel so fortunate to be there. They like the small, intimate feel of the school and adore the teachers. They do their work online and have developed independence and accountability in completing their work on time, but also know that there is a teacher available if questions arise. The electives in the afternoon are a good mix of practical and fun and the kids love to participate in them.

As a parent, I feel fortunate that this school is available as an alternative to private school. I am able to send my children off with confidence, knowing that they are in a safe, loving environment and are getting a good education with a biblical influence.
Erin P.
“Hey, Mom, the kids in my new school use my name, the big kids in my old school just called me kid” Wow, what an eye opening statement regarding the school experience our son was having at his previous school. TAS has provided, for our family and our son, a fabulous education while creating a safe environment with support and encouragement. The virtual curriculum allows the kids to move at their own pace. For the kids that are extra bright they don’t have to wait for the teacher to explain what the assignment is or sit through lengthy presentations while those kids that struggle get that extra help they need when they need it. Not only does the staff provide educational support but the entire program is weaved with a faith based world view and character building. The staff desires to reach the heart of the kids and believes in teaching and growing the whole person! The program is designed so that school is concluded each day at 12:30. At that time students can go home or to other interests and programs that they otherwise would not be able to fit into a traditional school day. If the student chooses, they can participate in the special elective classes the school schedules each session that are chosen by the students. We are so thankful to have found TAS where our son is provided a top notch education in an environment that reaches to the heart of each student in their program! Thank you TAS!"
D. Maxwell

What Our Students Are Saying

There’s less homework and more time to do the things you like to do- Gabe

The atmosphere is less strict and rigid; it makes communication with the teachers easier- Jens

I like knowing all of my assignments so I can work ahead- Grant

I like going to a school where we all like each other. Everyone is really nice!- Marlise

It’s just fun overall!- Maddie

I like that we are done at noon so you have daylight time at home-Madison A